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The Day After Doomsday: Getting By In a Post-Apocalyptic World - Period 2
"You ain't gonna see it comin'," Reno announced, the moment the butt of the last student to enter the classroom hit the chair. "I don't care if you been watchin' it fallin' down on your heads for weeks, I don't care if you were warned on the news, I don't care if you're the reason it happened or if you put your life on the line to keep it from happenin' or if some kinda magic vision popped into your head an' showed you exactly what tomorrow was gonna look like, yo. I don't friggin' care."

Apparently, Reno's caring reserves were running on empty, today?

"When you're standin' there in the aftermath, lookin' over whatever's left and realizin' that everyone is dead or gonna be that way real damn soon? When you find yourself face-to-face with the actuality that everything you know ain't never gonna be the same again, you will not be ready."

He took a moment, giving the students in the classroom a significant look.

"I don't know how each of you is gonna take it, and a lot of that might depend on what it is you're faced with, yo. But lookin' at the examples I know? People when they're desperate ain't friendly creatures. I seen kids wanderin' the streets with sick little siblings to watch out for, no family to their name an' nobody in the world wantin' to help. Nobody can. They're all in the same friggin' situation. I seen people resort to looting, I seen the kinda shit that a panicked mob can do. I seen people just completely give up and wait for it, or get themselves killed in a panic."

There was a pause, then, while Reno grit his teeth and tried his damnedest to not feel so godsdamed human. Of all the subject matter that they tackled so far, this was the one that was hitting him closest to home.

Go figure.

"I saw people who had a whole lotta nothin' but their pride all their lives, let their brains turn off and cling damn hard to what they had, because that was all there was left for 'em in the world. But it was too damn big for 'em all at once. They couldn't just walk out there and face that they could never go home again, couldn't just step in and start pickin' up what they could. It took 'em a lot of time before they got to that, yo. Time an' work. Even the people who looked like they were doin' what had to get done, bit by bit? They weren't ready for it, either. Don't think for a moment that they were."

Deep breath.

"Another discussion class today. How do you think you'll react when you're standin' in the aftermath, and what do you think it'd take to snap you outta it? Talk about it if you feel comfortable with it, clam up if you don't, I ain't gonna judge. Practical crap like pissin' on rags to get drinkin' water, anyone can do. Talkin' about yourself can be damn near friggin' impossible. Just be damn respectful no matter what you think of what other people are sayin', because if I hear shit-talk about the person who admits they're gonna hide, I'll personally drag you outta the friggin' room and leave you there. Bein' afraid? That's the most sane damn response there is."



Who might or might not tell you where his head was at the time, too, if you ask him about it.


Re: Reno

"Heavy class," Ino said, wandering up after it.

Re: Reno

"They ain't all been?" Reno shot her a wry smile, stuffing his hands into his pockets with a shrug. "Ain't like it's the happiest subject matter on the course calendar this year, Rookie."

Re: Reno

"I like the course," she said, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "But this one, this topic--you can't do nothin' 'bout, you know? And can't say for sure how you'd react 'till you're there."

Re: Reno

"That's true," Reno agreed, his little smile twisting momentarily into a thoughtful frown. "Still figure it's an important one to get into, though, no matter if it's somethin' that people can change or not. I don't want anyone here leavin' this classroom under the impression that they're ready for the worst, just because they sat in on some summer class for a few weeks one time."

Re: Reno

She bobbed her head.

"Or that they'd be a victim just like everyone else?" Because that was what Ino had spent class pointing out to people that they might not be.

Ino had issues. Ino was also well aware that, in her world, it was even likely that if something happened her world that her village would have a hand in it.

"It was interesting." Food for thought, really.

Re: Reno

And there was his demented little smile, rising from the dead!

"Yeah, ain't like everybody whose seen shit come tumblin' down is perfectly innocent," he agreed. "Even a couple of Gaia's so-called heroes after Meteor were terrorists with a pretty decent tally of innocent lives on their hands."

He didn't so much as glance toward Cloud if he was there. There had been a lot of players in what had happened in the events leading up to Meteor, after all. There was no sense in finger-pointing when he had plenty on his own head to deal with.

"Can be a big friggin' shock to the system, seein' what's left and knowin' that some of it's on your head. Even harder to actually get to a point where you can accept that, yoto."

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Re: Reno

"And some of it you don't ever accept, yeah?" Ino wasn't stupid about the serious things. "I don't know. It just didn't seem right to leave it with one side of things bein' assumed."

She looked sheepishly at him.

Re: Reno

He could have laughed at the expression on her face, just then. It took a moment of smirking and shaking his head in bemusement before he could actually formulate a decent reply.

"Don't let me stop you," he decided. "It's a good damn point to make, but... all things considered, I ain't the one who should be makin' it. Glad you stepped up to, Rookie."

Too hypocritical, lecturing students who were liable to be innocent for assuming that they would be innocent, coming from him.

Re: Reno

She shrugged, smiling a bit.

"Just don't expect me to teach your class all the time," she teased, tugging at her hair. "I need to talk to you though. 'Bout--notebook stuff. Didn't just come up for the apology there."

Re: Reno

Ah. Yes. The notebooks.

"You got some new notes to run by me for accuracy, or what?" Reno's eyebrow twitched upward slightly, and he idly reached up to straighten his goggles. "I'm all ears, yo."

Re: Reno

Ino tugged out a notebook--red, for Gaia--and flipped it open to a page that she'd marked with a sticky.

"I need help with this," she said earnestly, and held it out for him to read.

Ino had written, at the top of the page she'd opened the notebook to:

Zack's put together almost as much as I have about what happens to Gaia.

She didn't think she needed to elaborate why she needed help here.

Re: Reno - NFB From Here, Please!

Had Ino ever seen Reno so bothered by something that it earned a hiss of breath between his teeth?

He held up one finger, looking around to be certain that no other students were about, and then he made a point to loudly announce that he'd leave rum out for the squirrels tonight if they backed right the hell off of this one.

He'd worked with them for a while. He figured he knew how they worked.

"... How much," he said, turning back to Ino once that was over with, "is that much?"

Re: Reno - NFB From Here, Please!

She hadn't and the realization of that scared her.

"It weren't me who told him," she said, almost babbling in her haste to let him know that. That she was still trustworthy. "He don't know how he fits in," and neither did Ino, which bugged her, "but he knows 'bout Midgar and he knows 'bout Edge and 'bout Jenova bein' Calamity and thinks that Calamity is what happened to Midgar--he don't know 'bout Meteorfall--and that ShinRa ain't likely to survive that 'cause Midgar is it's center of power though there's Junon and stuff. Thinks that Angeal was broken mentally by Jenova for what happened to him. Knows that SOLDIER can count as monster. And that Jenova can use monsters, makes them, to do her bidding."

Breathe Ino.

"And that people--I think it's Cloud, I do, but he didn't say--stop bein' on ShinRa's side and go against them and that none of it's enough to make sense and it's breaking him up, Reno."

And she was near tears by the end of it, because Ino could deal with the secrets, however badly herself, but the idea of breaking Zack hurt her in ways she hadn't known she could be hurt.

"I don't know what to do."

Re: Reno - NFB From Here, Please!

Oh. Right. As if Reno had totally forgotten what it was like to watch the world fall apart around him, here was the carpet being swept out from underfoot all over again.

"... He knows that much," he echoed, flatly. "He tell you all that himself?"

There went the neighborhood. That wasn't going to stop him from reaching a hand to rest on her back.

"You say anything to him about it?"


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